Additional Update Guidelines for BerkeleyDB

As a reminder, these are guidelines. The version you update to might make some of these steps obsolete, so make sure you understand what they do and why they're necessary.


I have not been able to successfully generate working headers. I always seem to run into build issues when I try to use the newly generated headers.

For the time being, I just use the generated headers from the previous version, at least they seem to work (for now).

Generate Build Unix Header

The only additional step you need to do (before BerkeleyDB can build) is to generate the headers in build_unix.

Keep in mind that the following steps should be executed on either macOS or Darling.

# Inside the BerkleyDB source
cd db/build_unix
../dist/configure --disable-java --disable-shared --prefix=/usr docdir=/usr/BerkeleyDB/docs


  • [BerkeleyDB Source]/db/README
    • [BerkeleyDB Source]/db/docs/index.html
    • [BerkeleyDB Source]/db/docs/ref/build_unix/intro.html