Additional Update Guidelines for OpenLDAP

As a reminder, these are guidelines. The version you update to might make some of these steps obsolete, so make sure you understand what they do and why they're necessary.


I replaced --enable-bdb --x-libraries=${SDKROOT}/usr/local/BerkeleyDB/lib with --disable-slapd, since I was having trouble building the BerkeleyDB libraries.

Generate Headers

Keep in mind that the following steps should be executed on either macOS or Darling.

# Inside the OpenLDAP source
cd OpenLDAP
./configure --disable-shared --disable-cleartext --disable-slapd --enable-aci=yes --enable-overlays=yes --enable-dynid=yes --enable-auditlog=yes --enable-unique=yes --enable-odlocales=yes --enable-odusers=yes

# `make depend` will also generate symbolic-links to some source files. Don't upload those files.
make depend

If you are generating the headers from Darling, you might need to manually copy over ldap_rb_stats.h from the previous version. At the time of writing, Darling does not include the dtrace program (which is needed for make to generate the file).


  • [OpenLDAP Source]/OpenLDAP/INSTALL
  • [OpenLDAP Source]/Makefile - Where I got the configuration flags from.