Additional Update Guidelines for Security

As a reminder, these are guidelines. The version you update to might make some of these steps obsolete, so make sure you understand what they do and why they're necessary.

Generates Sources

# Read the notes in the file before executing it.

Most of the security folders (inside the darling/include folder) are set up as symbolic links (for example, the folder security_asn1 point to OSX/libsecurity_asn1/lib). A consequence of this approach is that some of the files will need to be symbol-linked.

cd $DARLING_SECURITY/OSX/libsecurity_codesigning/lib/
ln -s ../../../cstemp/codesigning_dtrace.h
cd $DARLING_SECURITY/OSX/libsecurity_smime/lib/
ln -s ../../../libsecurity_smime/lib/SecAsn1Item.h
cd $DARLING_SECURITY/OSX/libsecurity_utilities/lib/
ln -s ../../utilities/debugging.h
cd $DARLING_SECURITY/OSX/libsecurity_utilities/lib/
ln -s ../../utilities/simulatecrash_assert.h
cd $DARLING_SECURITY/OSX/libsecurity_utilities/lib/
ln -s ../../../derived_src/security_utilities/utilities_dtrace.h
cd $DARLING_SECURITY/OSX/libsecurityd/lib/
ln -s ../mig/ss_types.defs