NOTE: This is not extensively tested, and may break


To package Darling for Debian-based systems, we provide the tools/debian/makedeb script.

All output files are stored in the parent directory of the source root because of a technical limitation of debuild.

Install Dependencies

sudo apt install devscripts equivs dpkg-dev debhelper

Building Binary Packages

Install Build Dependencies

sudo mk-build-deps -ir



Build Source Packages

Use this if you want to upload to a service like Launchpad.

tools/debian/make-deb --dsc



  1. Install docker and docker-compose
  2. cd rpm
  3. Build the docker image: docker-compose build rpm
  4. Build the rpms: docker-compose run rpm (Can take over half an hour)
  5. Now you can run dnf install RPMS/x84_64/darling*.rpm
  6. If using SELinux, run setsebool -P mmap_low_allowed 1 to allow Darling low level access

Build for other operating systems

By default, the package will be built for Fedora 30. To build for a different OS, simply use:

RPM_OS=fedora:31 docker-compose build rpm

Future improvements