Known non-functional software

The following software has been tested and is known not to work with Darling:

  • XQuartz 2.8.1:
    • Hangs, and causes client applications to hang when they try to use it.
  • Macports (though Homebrew does work).
  • Python 3.10 (From (darlingserver regression).

GUI applications will not work in Darling at this point in time, with very few exceptions. More specifically:

  • Most GUI toolkits, including:
    • Anything using the Python Tk/Tkinter toolkits.
    • Anything using the WxPython and WxWidgets toolkits.
    • Anything using the Xamarin/MAUI toolkits.
    • Mac Catalyst applications (there is no UIKit implementation for Darling yet).
  • Most GUI applications, including:
    • The Xcode GUI.
    • Logic.
    • Final Cut Pro.
    • Any Adobe Suite applications.
    • Any complex GUI application in general will not work at this point in time - only simple "Hello World" type GUIs will work.